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The Demo Series: AutoStats Dashboard


The dive deeper into the story with AutoStats Dashboard.

See how our proprietary basketball data collected at massive scale can help your team make better draft decisions and tell more informative stories.

Used by: professional basketball teams, broadcasters, journalists, and others seeking richer coverage.

By: Mike Leon

Demo Series – AutoStats Dashboard

Easy Access to the Deepest Basketball Data

Join us for a discussion with Matt Scott, our Basketball Data Scientist, to learn how AutoStats is expanding the data available for performance analysis and making scouting infinitely more scalable, as well as improving access to deep analysis for enhanced storytelling.

Available for: Multiple global basketball competitions across different leagues and levels.

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The Demo Series - Autostats Dashboard (06:26)

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Get a hands-on demo and see first-hand the difference AutoStats data is already doing in helping teams make more informed draft decisions and unique analysis and storytelling.

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AutoStats Player-Tracking Technology

AutoStats collects comprehensive tracking data from any basketball game through remote video sources, vastly expanding the data available to be collected for performance analysis and truly scalable scouting efforts.

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Play AutoStats Player-Tracking Technology
AutoStats Player-Tracking Technology (01:27)
Customer Success Story

The Orlando Magic are Praised for Risky Draft Pick that Won Rookie of the Year

Long-time AutoStats users, the Orlando Magic, made waves in the 2022 NBA draft when they selected Paulo Banchero with the first overall pick of the draft. At the time, the pick was controversial, with many feeling as though Banchero was not worthy of the selection at that level. The Magic had a powerful tool that told them otherwise: AutoStats Dashboard.

Read the story on The Athletic to learn more about how Banchero, a risky pick for the Magic, ended up winning Rookie of the Year for the 22-23 NBA season.

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Check Out The Demo Series

Each Demo Series video features a ~ten-minute deep-dive into a Stats Peform product or service, cohosted by one of our product experts. Learn more about how Stats Perform’s products, powered by Opta data, help teams, broadcasters, publishers, sportsbooks and more entertain fans and dominate their respective markets.