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Watch: The Demo Series // PressBox Live Basketball

Your basketball research secret weapon.

Find scoring runs, contextualise big plays, jump to the most exciting moments and more inside PressBox Live – Now available for NBA, NCAA, WNBA and more.

Used by: the world’s biggest sports broadcasters, publishers, journalists and more.

By: Mike Leon

Watch our latest product demo

PressBox Live is the ultimate game-day sports assistant

Hear from Mike Leon, our Director of U.S. GTM as he shows how PressBox Live gives your researchers, commentators, GFX teams all the relevant data about thousands of sporting events in one easy-to-use platform.

Available for: NBA, WNBA, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball

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“It helps our producers build in game narratives to keep our viewers thoroughly engaged for the entire 90 minutes.”

Geoff Bullock / Executive Producer – Football at Channel 10 / Paramount Australia

Play The Demo Series - PressBox Live Basketball
The Demo Series - PressBox Live Basketball (07:30)

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Get a hands-on demo and see first-hand the powerful sports data insights, ready-to-publish graphics and live statistics that can be at you and your team’s fingertips.


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We have deep, long-standing relationships with the world’s most recognisable sports global broadcasters and most-watched sports and professional leagues.

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Check Out The Demo Series

Each Demo Series video features a ~ten-minute deep-dive into a Stats Peform product or service, cohosted by one of our product experts. Learn more about how Stats Perform’s products, powered by Opta data, help teams, broadcasters, publishers, sportsbooks and more entertain fans and dominate their respective markets.