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Generative AI Powered Football Insights: At Scale

Opta Vision combines tracking and event data to deliver Opta’s richest football data ever. This merged dataset powers a range of new AI-enriched predictive models to deliver unparalleled performance insights, enabling you to conduct deeper analysis and captivate your audience.

Opta Vision – Providing the Complete Picture to Power Magical Analysis

Through a combination of computer vision and generative AI techniques, Opta Vision provides dynamic XY field locations for all 22 players in the match, uninterrupted, from the kick-off to the final whistle.

  • Utilise raw Opta Vision tracking data, via feeds, to analyse every player’s change of pace, third man run and change of direction in a game, all synchronised to Opta event data.
  • Deliver new insights into every player’s physical performance, in a single game and across the season, with aggregated fitness data.
  • Enhance your pre-match and post-match team analysis by highlighting changes to each team’s shape, in and out of possession, at key moments.
  • Highlight the impact of pressure applied on the ball, by the defensive team, on the match outcome.
  • Better quantify the on-ball decision-making of players, based on the type of passes they choose, and choose not, to make.
Play What is Opta Vision?
What is Opta Vision? (01:38)

The Four Stages In The Opta Vision Process

Available Through Opta Vision

The Opta Vision Difference


Dynamically Capturing Changes to a Team’s Shape

Shape Analysis is entirely data driven, powered by AI models which keeps track of all player movement.

This means that as well as identifying the initial team shapes, in and out of possession, Shape Analysis can also automatically detect each time a team’s shape changes as a game unfolds.

  • Highlight to your audience the most common shapes used by a team during the season.
  • Show the total time each player spends in different on-field positions within a shape, such as inverted full-backs moving into central midfield.
  • Provide greater context to shape changes made by a coach as a result of a player injury, suspension or other absence.
Play Opta Vision: Shape Analysis Explained
Opta Vision: Shape Analysis Explained (02:24)

Providing a Better Understanding of a Player’s Passing Tendencies 

Pass metrics, such as ‘passes completed’ and ‘pass completion %’, lack crucial context to properly analyse how a player uses the ball.

Opta Vision’s Pass Prediction metrics provide a much clearer picture of a player’s passing tendencies, offering powerful new insights into their decision-making based on who, and who they choose not, to pass to.

  • Identify the players who complete the most threatening passes, increasing their team’s chances of scoring.
  • Showcase the players in a league who attempt the most difficult passes all over the pitch.
  • Explain which players make themselves available to receive the ball from a teammate more than anyone else.
Play Opta Vision: Pass Predictions Explained
Opta Vision: Pass Predictions Explained (02:56)
Line Breaking Passes

Insight Into Passes Which Break Through the Opposition

Line Breaking Passes measure a player’s impact on their team’s offensive output by recording the success of their passes which break opposition lines.

Line Breaking Passes unlock a new level of detail in player contribution, allowing you to quantify:

  • Which players in a match complete the most line breaking passes.
  • Who on the team is most influential playing out from the back and breaking the opposition’s forward line.
  • The number of line breaking passes which lead to chances created.
Play Opta Vision: Line Breaking Passes Explained
Opta Vision: Line Breaking Passes Explained (02:07)
Pressure Intensity

Evaluating Performance in High Pressure Situations

Pressure Intensity evaluates the pressure generated by the defending team against the player possessing the ball. Opta Vision dynamically assigns a pressure level to the three closest defending players to the player in possession and determines a value that quantifies the pressure applied.

Pressure Intensity provides both team analysts and studio pundits with insights into:

  • The volume of pressure applied by defending teams and how their approach to closing down compares to other teams across a competition.
  • Measure the efficiency of a team’s pressure, by directly linking their pressure intensity to the total times they win the ball back as a result of high pressure.
  • The success rate of passes by an attacking player, based on the level of pressure they faced from opponents.
Play Opta Vision: Pressure Intensity Explained
Opta Vision: Pressure Intensity Explained (01:44)

Learn more about Opta Vision in Action

In the eight-part Beyond Tracking webinar series, data experts discuss the application of AI-enriched Opta Vision data in the pro and media space. Topics include quantifying a player’s on-ball decision-making, applications of aggregated fitness data, shape analysis to support opposition scouting and more.

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