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Revolutionising Betting Through AI

The sports industry’s leading data scientists make up Stats Perform’s world-class AI team. Find out how Stats Perform continues revolutionising the betting and fantasy industries through technological advancements.

AI Powers Unique Betting Experiences

Using Stats Perform’s market-leading data, Football Index enables fans around the world to buy and sell shares in footballers, profiting from their football knowledge. Find out how the world’s first football stock market utilizes Stats Perform’s AI algorithms to power its platform.

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How Football Index Powers the Football Stock Market (02:43)

Predictive Data Brings Innovation to the Sports Betting Market

For decades, sportsbook traders have relied on manual research and analysis to set odds and lines for the day’s biggest matchups. See how Stats Perform’s AI-fueled predictive data models facilitate faster odds-making and greater coverage.

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AI-Powered Win Probabilities

Stats Perform AI scientists Sujoy Ganguly and Nathan Frank developed a neural network architecture which uses team rosters and game states to encode the on-court lineup for a given matchup. The addition of the lineup encoding allows for substantial improvements in model accuracy over existing methods to produce exciting win probabilities to increase bettor stimulation.

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Natural Language Generation

Engaging, Personalised Fantasy Recaps

The Wordsmith platform uses AI-driven natural language generation (NLG) to transform fantasy football data into draft reports, match previews, and match recaps. The platform generates millions of stories each week of the season, essentially giving every fantasy owner a personalised sports reporter writing about their team.

Yahoo!’s fantasy football content offers users a rare mix of personalisation, insight, and with — deepening brand advocacy amongst fans. The customer-centered content increases the value of Yahoo’s sponsorships and ad space.

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How Can AI Revolutionise Sport For You?

Learn more about Stats Perform’s AI-powered solutions.


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