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BizTech - June 22, 2018

AI May Upend the Competition and Business of Sports

By: Erin Cunningham

Artificial intelligence can simulate such a quantity of events that it allows a data scientist to translate the insights, and make recommendations as to what will happen on the pitch,” according to Stats, a data and technology firm based in Chicago.

“This arms coaches to make informed decisions on individual players and is vital in preparing for a game,” the firm adds. “The added insight can influence which players are selected in team sports and be helpful with a tight turnaround between games such as is the case with football. Beyond individual training schedules that should be organized, it can aid in determining tactics based on the opposition’s playing style.”

Stats gathers sports data for about 650 customers, including Major League Baseball and the FIFA World Cup. This year it announced an expansion of its investment in AI as a tool for gathering and analyzing data more effectively.

“There’s lots of video footage that exists globally of historic games,” Richard Henderson, chief revenue officer of Stats, told the Chicago Tribune. “If we can get computers basically to watch the game and code the game, that enables us to aggregate data sources on a much grander scale than individual humans can.”

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