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Bleacher Report - November 23, 2018

How Close Are We to Having Robots as Managers in the Premier League?

By: Dean Jones

The game has become so far advanced that artificial intelligence can be used to analyse and reconstruct team performance. Croatia had great success at the 2018 FIFA World Cup, by embracing STATS Edge—a tool that compares playing styles and conducts game-changing set-play analysis.

You can even start to predict how an opponent might react to a specific scenario based on their past behaviour.

With all that in mind, why do we still rely on a human as manager or head coach?

"AI has come a long way, but one thing we can not currently compare to is the way a human reads a game," Dr. Patrick Lucey, vice-president of AI at STATS says to B/R. "We don't have the senses—the visuals, the language between the players, an understanding of the personalities in the team.

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