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Bleacher Report - July 17, 2018

Revealed: The Technology That Is Driving Croatia’s World Cup Fairytale

By: Dean Jones

"In terms of style, France have been fast tempo. We see they are 42 percent above the average in terms of that, and when you look at Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba and Antoine Griezmann, that resonates. But you can tie that straight to video, and if you are an analyst preparing to play against France, you can very quickly summarise that play and have a look at how they do it."

The STATS Edge interface makes it easy to break down these areas, as every piece of data is linked to video, which can be accessed by clicking a bar next to a section.

From style of play to set-piece studies, Croatia will know what to expect.

"We are in an age now of recommendation," Lucey said. "We should just ask questions and let the experts find the solution they are after. There is no global optimum; there are many solutions. But we want to help people to find it.

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