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Arizona Daily Star - March 20, 2019

‘Tell me why’: Spatial technology might be the next big thing in college basketball

By: Kyle Johnson

If AutoSTATS proves to be as powerful as its developers at STATS tout, then the information gleaned through use of the OpenPose system developed by Carnegie Mellon University will bring groundbreaking spatial data to the college game.

The artificial-intelligence-fueled technology is essentially “motion-capture in the wild,” said Patrick Lucey, vice president of AI at STATS. AutoSTATS uses its motion capture technology to add skeletal poses to players on regular game broadcast feeds, ranging from banal Thursday night Pac-12 matchups to classic moments, such as Michael Jordan’s unforgettable shot in Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. That’s right: The technology can be used on any game broadcast in recent history, provided it meets AutoSTATS’ quality standards.

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