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STATS Launches Most Comprehensive and Interactive Widgets for North American Sports

July 2, 2019

CHICAGO– July 2, 2019 – STATS, the revolutionary leader in sports AI, announced the official launch of the most comprehensive and customizable sports widgets to date. Using a modern design, STATS Widgets deliver short- and medium-format sports content to fans, with an AI-based technology generating updates.

As consumer preferences shift, STATS Widgets provide a comprehensive solution to increase engagement, bolster existing content and unlock new revenue opportunities for media and technology providers. STATS Widgets include logos and up-to-date headshots to create a modern look for MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL and college football and basketball coverage. The Widgets use a mobile-friendly design to facilitate increased engagement across all devices.

“With second screen experience becoming increasingly important, we designed these new widgets to create the ultimate fan experience across platforms,” STATS Chief Technology Officer Dr. Helen Sun said. “Our STATS Widgets harness detailed data points to create a more holistic, engaging experience that connects fans with the content they want. Additionally, the interactive experience on Widgets are primed for sponsorship opportunities, driving new revenue streams for the media and technology providers that use them.”

STATS Widgets feature a product design with crisp outlines and high definition logos and headshots to create a richer viewer experience. The Widgets supplement STATS’ renowned editorial work with further AI-powered data insights to provide viewers with greater context around the stories they care about. STATS Widgets can be easily integrated into most platforms, freeing engineering resources usually needed for streamlining design and content features.

The STATS Widgets meet Level AA compliance for accessibility according to the WCAG 2.0. For more information on STATS Widgets visit: