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STATS LLC and Prozone Team with European Broadcast Development to Bring Advanced Performance Data to Serie A TIM

February 22, 2016

CHICAGO and LONDON – February 22, 2016 – STATS LLC, the world’s leading sports technology, data and content company, and Prozone, a pioneer of sports performance analysis, announced a partnership with European Broadcast Development (EBD) to bring advanced performance data to the clubs and media partners of Serie A TIM, the highest tier of Italian football.

STATS’ partnership with EBD, a leader in sport services and audio visual content production, will see the broadcast and media partners of Serie A TIM gain access to a broad set of dynamic in-game presentations, comprehensive statistics and coaching tools through SportVU player tracking technology. SportVU utilizes optical tracking technology to collect positioning data for the ball and players in real-time. This live information is translated into enhanced data graphics for a richer viewing experience including team and player possession, player run comparisons, and player heat maps.

SportVU’s player and ball tracking information will be integrated into EBD’s broadcast graphic enrichment tools and utilized by Serie A TIM’s broadcast and media partners. These dramatic viewing enhancements will create new and interactive advertising platforms for sponsors.

“SportVU and EBD will enhance the viewing experience for fans of Serie A TIM,” said Federico Winer, Director of Business Development, Europe at STATS. “Innovative graphics, 3D simulations, player perspective visuals, 360 degree views and side-by-side comparisons are ready-made for broadcast graphics and match trackers for web and mobile.”

Prozone, purchased by STATS in May 2015, will focus on the delivery of data and performance insights to Lega Serie A product and to the clubs. Ensuring the delivery of technical and physical data from every Serie A TIM game, Prozone will provide clubs with physical reports and access to its MATCHVIEWER, and KINETIC platforms to enable detailed analysis across the complete training and matchday cycle.

“Prozone’s advanced solutions will enable Serie A TIM teams to access a wealth of Performance data,” said Antoine David, Prozone’s General Manager for Southern Europe. “Delivering advanced performance information, the data provided by our solutions will support a more objective approach to team and player analysis, giving coaches and sports scientists the ability to monitor all aspects of the team and player performance.”

In addition, Prozone and EBD will design benchmarking reports, based on the needs of each club, highlighting the key physical trends from Serie A TIM to support detailed longitudinal analysis, with all information being stored on EBD’s central database.

“EBD has teamed with STATS in order to establish a powerful strategic partnership,” said Matteo Brambilla, Strategy & New Business Director at European Broadcast Development. “Working together, our mission is to create innovative viewing and analysis experiences for Serie A TIM across a range of digital platforms. EBD looks forward to delivering unique media services to drive, through this partnership, the development of broadcast experiences in the Italian football production. Thanks to these services, Lega Serie A elevates to the top European’s League level of technology and sport related services for the production and data analysis”