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Stats Perform Vice President of Product to Speak at the Training Ground Guru ‘The Future Game’ Virtual Event

August 26, 2020

LONDON– August 26, 2020 – Today, Ben Mackriell, Vice President of Team Performance Product at Stats Perform, the SportsTech leader in data and AI and technology, will speak at Training Ground Guru’s ‘The Future Game’ virtual event to discuss the future of football data analysis and predictions.

Mackriell’s presentation titled ‘Data Analytics: From Descriptive to Predictive’ will discuss some of the latest AI technologies and models that are quantifying what was once considered immeasurable in the world’s most prominent sport. Over the past year, Mackriell and his team have generated eight unique AI models to deliver exclusive insights to football clubs and federations around the world. Through football analysis software like the company’s Edge platform, Stats Perform can analyze the game and predict future matchups like never before.

“New capabilities in AI and computer vision analysis have transformed the way we conceptualize the game and quantify playing styles, possessions and roles,” Mackriell said. “Over recent years, AI models like Expected Goal Value have become common nomenclature in football analysis, but we can now go so much deeper to interpret the way a team or player acts on the pitch, and how successful their strategy can be. AI and machine learning allow us to provide better insights and predictions and I look forward to discussing many of the new models that are shaping the way the game is understood today.”

Mackriell’s panel will take place at 17:00 GMT on Wednesday, August 26th. Training Ground Guru ‘The Future Game’ event is a full-day webinar exploring how football and elite sport should evolve post-pandemic and beyond.