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Stats Perform’s Andrew Ashenden to Speak at the World’s Largest Online Betting and Gaming Event

April 28, 2020

CHICAGO/LONDON – April 28, 2020 – Stats Perform, the SportsTech leader in data and AI technology, announced that Andrew Ashenden, Chief Betting Officer, will join other sports betting integrity leaders on the upcoming sports integrity panel, “COVID-19: Implications for Sporting Integrity”  on Wednesday 29 April, at SBC’s online event for the betting and gaming industry (27 April-1 May).

Ashenden and the panellists will discuss whether integrity risks for sports betting have changed with the disruption to sport and how operators, data suppliers and integrity providers are working to identify, control and mitigate the risks of potential corruption in competitions that are still running.

“There is more of a mainstream spotlight on traditionally lower profile events at present, but Stats Perform’s integrity- and a collaboration-first approach applies at all times for all competitions we cover for betting markets,” Ashenden said. “If and when integrity threats evolve, the industry must continue to work together to stay ahead of them; for us, this includes deep data powered performance analysis and we are also phasing in AI technology to further enhance our capabilities”

Ashenden will also be joined on the panel by Gilles Maillet, director of sport integrity at La Francaise des Jeux (FDJ); Rupert Bolingbroke (Head of Trading, Hong Kong Jockey Club) and Matt Fowler (Director of Integrity, International Betting Integrity Association, of which Stats Perform are the only data provider affiliate member).

Ashenden, Stats Perform’s Chief Betting Officer, oversees the betting division, which is trusted by the world’s leading sportsbooks as their primary provider for ultrafast sports data, deep sports data, and live sports video streams.

The SBC Digital Summit will deliver a fully virtual and interactive conference, exhibition, and networking experience to delegates around the world. Visit Stats Perform’s digital stand (C3) to help you navigate and succeed in today’s sports landscape and make preparations for future success. In addition, Duncan Alexander, one of Stats Perform’s founders of the popular Twitter channel @OptaJoe will be on hand on Tuesday (28 April) and Thursday (30 April) to answer one-on-one questions with attendees and discuss his search for the perfect sports insight.

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