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Five ways to use sports video to drive fan engagement

By: Mike Morrison

Video plays a key role in any content or engagement strategy but perhaps no more so than in sport, a form of media where the fan experience is built on visual consumption. Taking the US as an example, each month, 85% of Internet users in the U.S. watch video content and whilst there may be regional variations in that level of consumption, video will more often than not play a key role. That said, what that use of video looks like can vary. Here are our five ways the sports industry can use video to drive better engagement with sports fans.

Grab sports fans attention on social media.

Attention spans are shortening – A recent study from the Technical University of Denmark suggests our collective global attention span had dropped to just eight seconds in total, narrowing because of the abundance of information presented to us. With competition for eyes so competitive on social media platforms, video offers the perfect motivator for the user to stop scrolling. Helping you to stand out so that you can capture their attention and keep it for longer.

Build on current events with archive footage.

Every new record set, goal scored, anniversary or even misdemeanour in the press offers you the chance to return to that sports star’s previous successes and engage their fan base. For example, April marked the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s final game, 61-point haul against the Utah Jazz. So, Stadium Astro used our video from PressBox including archive footage to revisit the game.

Take a look at the Stadium Astro coverage here

Building a bridge between the matchday and auxiliary content.

The match itself remains the centrepiece for fan engagement but fans are constantly looking for more, asking themselves how current events fit into a wider trend.  Ahead of the 2021 El Clásico, Bein used our video to highlight Karim Benzema’s 273 goals in 574 matches for Real Madrid, utilising press conference footage, graphics, and archive footage.This content provides additional touchpoints which can help broadcasters to drive numbers tuning in to the live event.

Integrate video, insights, and statistics to drive engagement.

Integrating data, insights and video allows you to tell a more complex story about players or sports teams without overwhelming the user. Fans’ desire to go further into the numbers continues to grow and whilst that was initially restricted to longer form content, we’re now able to share in-depth insights in consumable ways. Here Footylight used our PressBox Video content to dig deeper into Jesse Lingard’s form since joining West Ham on loan.

Respond to events quickly as they unfold.

Conversations on social media grow quickly with trending topics compounding that growth. With topics coming and going so quickly, it’s vital to move quickly, identifying the story, producing your content and getting out onto social platforms. As the European Super League was unfolding, the topic dominated social media and online platforms. To keep up to date with the coverage, SBS were able to use our video content to provide a unique summary of the events of the previous 24 hours.

Take a look SBS coverage here.

Sports video is a key ingredient in driving sports fan engagement; helping you to add depth, extend engagement and ultimately, better monetise your audience. With PressBox Video you are able to discover, download and edit more videos faster than ever before to enhance sports stories on the most popular leagues, teams and players. Access up-to-the-minute broadcast-ready video content, as well as more than a decade’s worth of historical video to complement the current news cycle. Visit our PressBox Video page to learn more.


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