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SkyBet and bet365 Revealed as Launch Partners of the New Opta Fast Player Statistics Feed

By: Alex Roberts

SkyBet and bet365 Revealed as Launch Partners of Opta’s New Fast Player Statistics Feed

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Stats Perform, has announced two major operators as launch partners of its new real-time Fast Player Statistics Feed, powered by Opta, the world’s leading provider of live, detailed sports data.

The new feed pushes high frequency in-play statistics like shots, passes and tackles to operators who can now automate pricing, live trading and fast settlement of player and team prop markets. The feed means player and team stats can now also be incorporated at scale into bet-builders and request-a-bets, for the world’s biggest football competitions and players. Detailed stats are also shown updating as they happen to the operators’ customers.

Sky Bet and bet365 are the first operators to offer their customers in-play products powered by the new fast player data.

Sky Bet accompanied their launch with a promotional campaign announcing ‘In-play, as you’ve never seen it before’.

John Harlow, SVP Betting Stats Perform, said: ‘If you’re a bettor following in-play events like shots, tackles and passes, it’s like you’re watching an entirely new game. Goals are still the most important thing of course, but shots happen ten times as frequently as goals, and from a wider spread of players, so the new Opta feed has given a way for operators to create compelling new player-focussed experiences that occur throughout the 90 minutes. It’s a new level of entertainment for their customers, even throughout a 0-0 draw.’

Operators can either ingest Opta’s fast player data directly to power their own trading, or use pricing providers accredited to use Opta’s data such as Sportcast and Banach.

Andrew Ashenden, Stats Perform Chief Betting Officer, said:

“Our expertise in both fast data for in-play trading (via RunningBall) and deep player data (via Opta and STATS) means we’re uniquely placed to create a fast player statistics service that operators, fans and bettors can trust.

Fans and bettors the world over are accustomed to seeing data like shots, passes and tackles collected in line with Opta definitions across media and broadcast.

A lot of work goes into the collection and preparing this detailed data for betting use and we’re delighted with how partners and now bettors have reacted. I’m proud of what our teams have built and the reaffirms Stats Perform’s commitment to providing the sports industry with innovative, engaging and quality products that power exceptional fan and bettor experiences.”