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How STATS Helps Digital Media Outlets Enhance MLB Coverage

By: Stats Perform

Likening the length of a Major League Baseball season to a marathon wouldn’t nearly do justice to the year-round sport. A six-month regular season, 40+ days of nail-biting playoffs, trade-rumor stacked Winter Meetings, and pitchers and catchers reporting mid-February for a six-week spring training just to do it all over again? Running 26.2 miles over a few hours suddenly feels like a walk in the park (or at least to first base).

Needless to say, the chance to captivate a country by way of America’s pastime is nearly a year-round opportunity chock full of thrilling milestones, record-breaking contracts, and tear-jerking sports magic moments. What’s daunting for digital media outlets, broadcast partners and fantasy sports companies is figuring out how to provide quality and unique coverage during MLB’s seemingly endless, expansive campaign.

MLB plays roughly 1,200 more games per season than any other North American major sport on a nearly daily basis, requiring every outlet to reach their customer base with essentially zero down time. And unless you’re outfitted with a full staff of data collectors, researchers, analysts, and writers, this massive opportunity quickly looks more like an expensive, nearly impossible task.

Enter: STATS. Only the correct data provider can help simplify the delivery of advanced analytics, real-time live updates, historical data, quality research and in-depth fantasy notes to fans of all 30 MLB teams. That’s where STATS’ MLB coverage steps up to the plate.

STATS has a full slate of products that captures every moment during and surrounding the 2,430-game regular season before the month-long playoffs, ranging from the most minor of transactions to record-breaking player and team achievements. Whether using STATS PASS’ historical database tracking statistics back to 1876, or accessing unique advanced metrics through TVL data and STATS Video Solution, digital media outlets can fulfill any need necessary to satisfy fans’ MLB cravings.

And for the fans who want their baseball information in real-time? STATS’ data feeds provide not only some of the fastest but also most accurate in-game updates in the industry, which Northwestern University validated through a STATS-commissioned study. By tracking every pitch and producing the correct outcome within seconds, STATS is far and away the industry leader in delivering clients the tools necessary to set themselves apart during the MLB season.

The value of such high-quality, real-time data even extends to fantasy games and the outlets hosting a variety of leagues and contests. Fantasy baseball requires daily attention to player news and updates, injury statuses and performance trends to build the best collection of MLB stars. STATS’ serves digital media companies with daily, automated player notes and headlines through STATS Hosted Solution and up-to-the-minute in-game insights with STATS Widgets. It’s never been easier for clients to present relevant information in such an efficient manner.

That’s especially important for fans who have money on the line in fantasy baseball contests. STATS API produces award-winning Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) projections available to digital media outlets looking to serve die-hard DFS players. Three times STATS has ranked No. 1 for most accurate baseball projections by FantasyPros and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA).

Keeping focused throughout the long MLB season can be challenging and often requires a plethora of support tools to satisfy customers craving baseball data. STATS’ full suite of MLB products lightens the load for digital media companies and gives fans the means necessary to remain informed regardless of their needs.