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Ultra-Fast Opta Feeds Power Fanslide’s Fantasy Experience

By: Oliver Hopkins

Stats Perform’s Opta data bring those across football the highest level of detailed, accurate performance data with a feed that updates after every on-ball event. This data powers sports experiences across all media types, including the world’s biggest websites, news outlets, sportsbooks, and mobile applications.

Utilising WebSocket technology to provide a 1:1 connection, our ultra-fast feed streams every on-ball action, as it is collected, straight to clients. Each event is delivered individually, reducing the size of each data packet, further aiding delivery speed.

Fanslide, a disruptive in-play fantasy football provider, combine the basic principles of fantasy football with in-play betting to deliver a unique and engaging experience for fans, regardless of the team they support. Given the fast-paced nature of the app’s gameplay, Fanslide use Opta feeds to power their in-game experiences.

“We connect to Opta via a WebSocket and receive detailed match data within seconds of it happening on the pitch.” That’s Joe Cocozza, the CEO and founder of Fanslide.

“We parse this data and use it to generate ‘Fanslide Events’ for which we award points. We are able to show these to users almost instantly in the game screen, creating a really immersive experience.”

Fanslide users win points for a range of events, from interceptions to last man tackles and goals. Points are deducted for negative actions such as conceding a free-kick or committing an error leading to a goal. These match events are all powered by the Opta WebSocket feed.

Another unique element to the Fanslide experience is that it’s time-sensitive. Users “slide” players in and out of the game whenever they want, but they can only use each player for a maximum of 20 minutes per match. This means getting detailed, time-stamped data at the lowest latency possible is critical to the user experience.

“Fanslide wouldn’t be possible without Stats Perform’s Opta live player data feed. Receiving events almost as soon as they happen is key to the player’s experience of Fanslide.”

Stats Perform’s WebSocket feed updates up to 2,000 times throughout a match, capturing over 400 different event types.


Fanslide have created a truly unique game that has seen impressive rates of engagement and retention:

  • 75% of players are still active on the app in the final 15 minutes of a match.
  • The average time spent on the app on a match day is over 22 minutes.
  • The average session length is over 2 minutes.

FanSlide Feedback

“Stats Peform’s WebSocket feed has enabled us to build the first game of its kind in the world. Without the instant, live data it just wouldn’t be possible to develop the kind of truly interactive game we set out to create. Stats Perform’s support and understanding has been critical in helping us develop and launch a product that is re-imagining the way fans experience and enjoy live football on TV.

We’re excited about continuing to work with Stats Perform as we grow our product range, expanding into other sports and building more live, fully interactive second screen games for fans all over the world.” Joe Cocozza, the CEO and founder of Fanslide.


WebSocket feeds power our Live Action Widget, which is used by some of the biggest betting brands and digital platforms in sport, including bet365, L’Équipe and Kicker. Our Opta Betting product is revolutionising how millions of bettors bet on the beautiful game and is built on our WebSocket technology. Bettors can bet on a player’s performance within a match and track how their bet is progressing in real-time.

Fans crave in-depth statistics and analysis and Stats Perform’s Opta Data empowers organisations like FanSlide to delight their fans. Interested in learning more about our best-in-class data collection, AI-powered analysis, and 40+ years of historical data database?  Visit our Opta Data page to learn more.


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