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Take Advantage of our New Touch Points for Soccer

By: Andy Cooper

Data in football continues to grow due to an increased appetite from fans for deeper insights. Easy access to material via the internet also makes consumers increasingly sophisticated, which in turn creates a need for more intelligently presented information and analysis.

Recognising this fact, STATS has enhanced its live sports data APIs/data feeds with numerous new event data points for every match across a number of competitions, including the English Premier League, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and the UEFA Champions League.

Along with usual scoring, shooting, set piece and save data, creative statistics such as shots created and second assists have been added, alongside passing breakdowns, defensive actions, aerial and ground duels as well as other possession-related data, including estimated possessions advanced in metres and all player touches. All new event data points are timestamped with XY pitch coordinates as well as being broken down in to defensive, middle and attacking thirds of the field, with outside and inside the box breakdowns for shots. All statistics are provided both on a match-by-match and cumulative over the course of a season basis.

The STATS passing data tracks link up play between players, identifying which players connected the most often, both in terms of passes given and received to view a team’s or player’s entire passing network.  There are also descriptive events, from pass directions to cross, assist and shot types, going beyond the raw data point to  describe the action, whether than is a forward pass, an outswinging cross, a penetrative pass that led to an attempt or a lobbed finish.

STATS can also aid with the analysis, providing anything from insights into each game to in-depth analytical research, enhancing the opportunities offered alongside its new soccer event data points.

By: Jimmy Coverdale, Soccer Analyst