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Your Brand’s Play Call

By: Andy Cooper

Ensuring your NFL and college activations find their “intended receivers”

Thankfully, there are only about three months left until football is back! Both fans and marketers share the excitement for its return. Big hits, long bombs and…captive audiences. What more could we ask for?

As your brand puts its finishing touches on the fall campaign playbook, keep in mind that you want to make sure you “throw the ball to your intended receiver.” Or, in other words, that you match your target audience to the appropriate content.

While this notion is simple, it’s not always easy to carry out, and often things get in the way. Sometimes it’s “we’ve always done it this way,” while other times budget constraints prevent customizable content for different audiences. Either way, use the remaining time before kickoff to audit your playbook and ensure you know your intended receiver and what content you’re going to “throw” her/his way.

One way we look at this at STATS is by segmenting fans by level of fandom—casual, moderate and diehard. For example, casual fans typically focus on the key events in a game like touchdowns or interceptions. They use most of the other game time to explore non-football related interests like work or pop culture. Consider how an event-triggered activation (think offer after touchdown) might complement this fan’s experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, diehard fans often spend most of the weekend in front of a TV. Diehard fans have different interests like fantasy, which motivates these fans to spend the week researching to be able to win their own weekend matchups. Consider reaching these fans during their prep time, when they’re more open and less focused on their own game.

Quarterbacks get paid the big bucks for a reason. Throwing the right pass to the right receiver at the right time is difficult. The same can be said about football activations, so if you need the Belichick to your Brady, look no further than the STATS team to help out!