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The world's deepest sports database at your fingertips with Stats Pass

Our self-service research tool that gives you access to decades of rich Opta data for US sports in an instant. Uncover new stories that will help you engage fans, grow global audiences and win acclaim.

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Unlock the infinite storytelling power of Opta data with the world’s most powerful research tool

Some of the biggest broadcasters and media outlets in the United States rely on Stats Pass and Opta data to enhance broadcast, social media, editorial and more.

  • Deliver unique statistics that your competitors haven’t covered yet
  • Discover stories that fans love to talk about and share
  • Save hundreds of hours of research time

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Stats Pass helps you to enhance every stage of the fan experience

Deep historical statistical analysis has never been easier

Find and share the statistics that fans want to talk about without breaking a sweat. Use Stats Pass to:

  • Uncover new stories with historical data for Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey that goes back further and deeper than anyone else
  • Analyse player stats to improve in-game performance or discover the leagues next big star
  • Enhance your game coverage and add colour to interviews with the stats and facts fans love
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