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STATS’ Senior Data Scientist to Speak at USA Sports Analytics and Technology Conference

November 12, 2018

CHICAGO – November 12, 2018 –– STATS, the worldwide leader in sports data and intelligence, announced that Jennifer Hobbs, Senior Data Scientist, will present at the USA Sports Analytics and Technology Conference at the CityPlace Tower on Thursday, November 15 in Dallas, Texas.

Hobbs will present a holistic overview of how box scores, events and tracking data are making better predictions of upcoming games and creating a better understanding of sports. The presentation will focus on STATS’ leading player-tracking and event data, which is interpreted through artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques to enhance game analysis and predictive elements. By learning the appropriate representation of multi-agent tracking data, STATS is able to predict how teams and players move and behave in various situations.

“Today, across prominent international sports, we are seeing a renaissance of advanced data collection,” said Hobbs. “While teams, leagues and analysts continue to collect more data, the challenge is interpreting it to glean better insights that tell better stories about the game and lead to better predictions. STATS is not only collecting the most sports data, we are improving the way it is interpreted through AI and machine learning so teams, leagues and fans get the best information possible.”

The USA Sports Analytics and Technology Conference brings together industry professionals and executives interested in the role of data and analytics in the American sports industry. For more information, visit: