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STATS Uses Advanced Analytics to Recognize Baseball’s Best Hitters at the Break

July 10, 2019

CHICAGO– July 10, 2019 – With the MLB All-Star break in full swing, STATS, the revolutionary leader in sports AI, used proprietary AI-generated data and algorithms to reveal its own mid-season Silver Slugger Awards. Using STATS’ unique Run Value Added (RVA) methodology for evaluating the quality of a batter’s action on each pitch, STATS created a roster of the league’s best sluggers.

STATS’ RVA uses expected-result values for counts, pitch locations and advanced pitch information to dissect every pitch that is thrown and measure how the average major league hitter would react through AI and data. Results are then compared to the actual result to give a fair and even RVA ranking for each hitter.

“Essentially, we are quantifying some of the knowledge that broadcasters and analysts talk about on TV,” STATS AI Data Analyst Kyle Cunningham-Rhoads said. “You’ve probably heard the color commentator say, ‘that’s a really tough pitch to handle.’  We can now back that up with data to show just how tough it was. The data is context-neutral and reflects the difference between ballparks. For example, a right-handed hitter at bat in Colorado would be expected to have traditional stats that look a full 10% better than a right-handed hitter playing in Washington. STATS RVA reflects those differences.”

STATS’ mid-season Silver Sluggers include:

AL C Gary Sanchez NYY 17
AL 1B Carlos Santana CLE 21.7
AL 2B Yoan Moncada CWS 15.3
AL 3B Matt Chapman OAK 17.8
AL SS Xander Bogaerts BOS 19.9
AL OF Mike Trout LAA 43.9
AL OF Mookie Betts BOS 23.9
AL OF Joey Gallo TEX 21.9
AL DH J.D. Martinez BOS 24
NL C Yasmani Grandal MIL 12.2
NL 1B Josh Bell PIT 25.8
NL 2B Howie Kendrick WAS 21.4
NL 3B Anthony Rendon WAS 35.5
NL SS Dansby Swanson ATL 19.8
NL OF Cody Bellinger LAD 41.4
NL OF Christian Yelich MIL 31
NL OF Ronald Acuna Jr. ATL 24.5


Throughout the All-Star week, STATS is sharing proprietary data and algorithms to shed light on this year’s defining players and the work that STATS provides for teams, media and broadcasts on a daily basis throughout the season. On Monday, STATS Advanced Heat Maps were used to evaluate All-Star starters, with a deeper breakdown of George Springer, Willson Contreras and Mike Trout. Yesterday, STATS took to Twitter (@StatsBySTATS) to share a STATS Advanced Heat Map for any player requested. Today, STATS is sharing advanced analytics for a number of players, examining metrics like Discipline+, Contact+, BIP+ and RVAA+. Finally, on Friday, STATS will share a recap of Insights – exciting tidbits that were shared with customers and fans throughout the All-Star Game.

STATS data and AI solutions support broadcast, media and team performance solutions throughout the MLB season. For more information visit: