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Fantasy Baseball’s Secret Weapon: ADPs

By: Andy Cooper

Fantasy baseball owners are always looking for that road map to the finish line, one that preferably puts them in first place. Well, here’s some good news: We might have that perfect road map for you in 2015.

It’s called Average Draft Position (ADP) lists and nobody has a better one than the National Fantasy Baseball Championship (NFBC). The NFBC is the premiere high-stakes contest in the fantasy baseball industry and over the last 11 years more than $25 million has been awarded in those contests. The ADP that has been generated by those pay drafts over the last 150 days seem to provide the perfect road map to a great draft.

ADPs show you where all players are going in more than 200 pay NFBC drafts. We also break down these drafts with data since March 1st, showing you the latest trends of drafts. The ADPs show you that Mike Trout is a consensus No. 1 overall pick (he’s gone first all but once in 200+ drafts) and it also shows you that the hottest player in drafts right now is Chicago Cubs’ third baseman Kris Bryant. This rookie had an ADP of 153 in February, then he rose to 103 in early March when he started hitting home run after home run in spring training. In the last few days he’s gone as high as 17th overall! The ADPs show you these trends and they are invaluable to a fantasy baseball owner.

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