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What football competitions use VAR?

By: Alex Roberts
VAR in football tracker

What football competitions use VAR?

⚠️ Since launching this resource (November 2020), we’ve provided early warning of 3 competitions introducing VAR.

Our football competition VAR tracker provides odds compilers, sports traders and trading directors with the information required to manage their in-play models and markets accordingly when VAR is in use within a competition.

By providing us with a few details you will unlock our constantly refreshing VAR tracker and receive alerts when a new competition introduces VAR or is starting for the first time since its introduction. Helping you and your teams trade more confidently.

How do we help trading teams better manage their trading in football competitions that use VAR?

As well as our existing VAR measures, we recently introduced (November 2020) a ‘Provisional Goal Confirmation’ datapoint into our RunningBall product. Designed to help you re-open markets sooner after a goal, before waiting for the restart / kick-off, if there is no indication of a goal review.

VAR was used in 23,500 matches in the past 12 months so this change helps sportsbooks significantly increase the time your customers can place in-running bets.

How else can Stats Perform help me stay ontop of changes in sport?

We share information from our global rights holder and data collection network to help keep you informed about proposed changes to league and competition formats and rules.

  • New or amendments to existing rules
  • New competitions or changes to tournament structures (e.g. 1-legged matches)
  • VAR introduction (or removal)
  • Competitions resuming post-COVID-19
  • Fans returning to stadiums

Find out how you can receive these updates by clicking here.


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