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Stats Perform Continues Its AI in Sport Series with a Focus on the Innovative Technologies Transforming Basketball

November 23, 2020

London & Chicago – November 23, 2020 – Stats Perform, the SportsTech leader in data and AI technology, announced the launch of its AI in Basketball webinar. The webinar, the second in Stats Perform’s AI in Sport Series, will highlight the research and technology that is driving the latest basketball solutions to modernize the interpretation of the sport.

The webinar will be hosted on November 24, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. CST by Dr. Patrick Lucey, Chief Scientist at Stats Perform and will include real-world examples of AI implementation in basketball, including the first broadcast-based player tracking solution, AutoStats, and Stats Perform’s groundbreaking partnership with the Orlando Magic last year. Stats Perform will both share examples of how AI can maximize the value of tracking data in basketball, from creating the tracking data from various camera sources to creating a visual-based language that understands the x’s and o’s of the game.

This webinar agenda will cover:

  • Introduction to the Use of AI in Basketball
  • Creating Tracking Data from Broadcast Cameras
  • Mapping Tracking Data to Events and Expected Metrics
  • Visual Search
  • Ghosting and Generative Models using Tracking Data
  • Creating a Personalized Win-Probability Model

“I am thrilled to kick off the next session of our AI in Sport series to discuss AI innovation in basketball, a sport that has had some thrilling advancements in recent years,” Dr. Lucey said. “The NBA was one of the first leagues to implement player tracking data into their team management and strategy systems back in 2010 and new technologies continue to drive the sport forward and revolutionize the way the basketball is managed and understood. I look forward to discussing how new advancements in AI, machine learning and computer vision are helping Stats Perform develop the next generation of basketball products.”

Get access to Stats Perform world-class data on AWS Data Exchange  

As part of the webinar, Stats Perform will also be releasing two datasets available on AWS. The first one is a player tracking dataset, and the second one is a win-probability dataset, which can both now be subscribed to via AWS Data Exchange here.

If you’re interested in attending the webinar, please register here. Video of the first webinar in the “AI in Sport” series can be found here.