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Case studies: More Entertaining World Cup Betting

By: Alex Roberts

How are sportsbooks and affiliates using Opta Data to make the football World Cup 2022 more entertaining?


Read on for innovative ways the world’s leading sportsbooks and betting affiliates are using trusted Opta data from Stats Perform to make betting on the world’s biggest football event even more memorable .

We’ll be updating this article throughout the World Cup. Keep checking back to see how Opta is at the heart of the best trading, UX, and marketing experiences in sport!

Pre-tournament examples


What have Paddy Power done?
Leverage the popularity of star players by including player stats-based markets like shots on target combined with other interesting actions like assists and goals scored in tournament-long multis 

What experience does this create?
In international tournaments like the World Cup, fans love to follow players from their club playing for their country. Opta’s deep data allows operators to create unique player stats-based markets for every player involved, generating tournament-long interest and ensuring every piece of action in a game means something significant.


engaging social MEDIA CONTENT

What have Squawka done?
Squawka dive deep into Harry Kane and Alisson’s Premier League goal-scoring and shot-stopping records. Will their form translate to the World Cup? Squawka uses Opta data to help their followers decide. 

What experience does this create?
Squawka cut through the World Cup noise by telling their followers something they didn’t know, which also provides statistical context for the betting odds on offer, and creates eye-catching, shareable content 

PROMOS that delight

What have Paddy Power done?
Use the popular Golden Boot market to reward customers with free bets for every shot on target and goal scored throughout the World Cup.

What experience does this create?
This ensures sustained interest from bettors throughout the World Cup, even if their backed player doesn’t score in matches. It also helps Paddy Power gain an edge in the highly popular but competitive Golden Boot market

innovative use of TALENT

What have bet365 done?
Generate interest ahead of the World Cup by using data experts to deliver stats-led analysis for bettors.

What experience does this create?
Duncan Alexander (one of the brains behind runaway social media sensation @OptaJoe) helps viewers understand the data-driven chances of each team participating at the World Cup.  OptaJoe’s popularity and role in the storytelling of sport helps add a objective, trusted view in bet365’s preview shows.

In-tournament examples


What have Sporting Index done?
Expand the traditionallly available player stats markets options to include unique markets like Goalkeeper Saves and Player Fouls. These markets are part of the Opta Bet Builder Plus developed together by Sporting Solutions and Stats Perform. 

What experience does this create?
Markets like Goalkeeper Saves and Player Fouls mean bettors can now test their knowledge for every single player on the pitch and how they might perform.

trading innovation

What have Unibet done?

Created unique player stats-based market of player shots hitting the crossbar for matches throughout the 2022 World Cup. 

What experience does this create?

Hitting the post or crossbar is a unique market addition which provides an extra layer of excitement every time a shot from either teams’ players travels close to the goal, getting fans out of their seats because each shot means more 


What have FanDuel done?
FanDuel connect their customers closer to each game by offering them markets for soccer player actions – the type of markets more commonly associated with US sports. 

What experience does this create?
These types of markets appeals to US sports bettors’ interest in player performance that exists within the big-6 sports in the US. This both deepens the interest in soccer and helps FanDuel stand out.  


What have Paddy Power done?
Player and team stats markets create infinitely more scope for unique and exciting pre-combined same-game multis.

What experience does this create?
Ready-made bet builders have becoming an increasingly popular option for bettors, because they’re a simple means of creating a compelling new way of watching a match and offer appealing returns if the bet comes in. Opta’s data depth empowers creative operators to develop unique propositions that tie effectively to promotions, or to star players, or to tap into current themes as the tournament develops.


What have Ladbrokes done?
Showcase detailed historical stats like shots on target, passes and tackles per game to help bettors make knowledgeable decisions. The depth and scale of Opta’s coverage of global football leagues means this feature is available for every player featuring in the World Cup.

What experience does this create?
In a tournament like the World Cup where bettors might be unaware about the credentials and ability of players and teams outside of the tournament favourites, it’s important to equip them with tools that can help them make well-informed betting decisions on all matches. Ladbrokes’ pre-match research centre powered by Opta displays granular, per-game stats for all players.  


What have BetVictor done?
Match-long markets for player stats such as tackles, passes, shots that combine both teams. 

What experience does this create?
Make every tackle, shot, and pass mean more and create entirely new ways to watch the beautiful game. This also means the in-play player stats tracker on your sportsbook event page takes on even greater importance, keeping users engaged and enjoying their experience for longer. 

stats-rich content displayed in hundreds of locations around australia

What have TAB Australia done?  

Use Opta Facts to contextualise same game multis throughout the tournament. Automated graphics are created in-house in seconds via Stats Perform’s PressBox Graphics platform, and are then pushed to screens in licensed retail venues throughout Australia to capture customer attention and help them make betting decisions. 

What experience does this create?  

TAB know that including a stat, insight or fact alongside a related betting proposition provides context to help their customers understand the odds. Bringing their customers interesting facts from a uniquely trusted source like Opta is also a great way of sparking conversations in TAB venues, making their customers’ visits more memorable and entertaining. 

trading innovation

What have Unibet done? 

Created unique markets based on the impact substitutes might make in the match. Know a team has a star player they can bring off the bench? This market will really appeal to them.  

What experience does this create?  

The unique scheduling of the World Cup, and the nature of knockout tournaments means the role of substitutions become even more critical. Your match events alert system can be a great way to keep customers informed about events like substitutions which will bring your users back to the event page. 

in-play player stats markets

What have Paddy Power done?  

Collate a range of in-play stats-based specials, with the current performance of each player woven directly into the market description.  

What experience does this create?  

Paddy Power cleverly employ Opta’s in-play player data in many ways throughout their event page. Adding live stats within the bets themselves helps bettors make informed decisions right at the place where they make the betting transaction.   


live player stats powering in-play betting

What have bet365 and Unibet done?  

bet365 and Unibet have introduced new in-play player stats ‘consoles’ to provide real-time player stats to bettors, powered by Opta. 

What experience does this create?  

Player Stats in the event page have quickly become a must-have for sportsbooks – and we’re happy that Stats Perform’s Opta data is leading the way in enabling powerful tools like this.  

Providing live, detailed in-play player stats helps bettors track the performances of players across key stats categories. Bettors can easily sort the categories to see who is leading. They can also toggle each players live performance versus their season average to see if they are performing above their normal level. We’re proud to have helped bet365 become the first sportsbook to incorporate real-time player xG in their player stats console.  

first-of-its-kind advanced metrics assisting in-play bettors

What have bet365 done? 

Provide bettors with many more ways to quickly understand team dominance. This includes expected goals (xG), action areas, key passes and crosses in their upgraded in-play stats console. 

What experience does this create?  

Opta’s Expected Goals (xG) help bettors understand the quality of chances being created and quickly compare if they are at odds with the current score-line. Action Areas help bettors understand where the action is taking place on the pitch. These metrics helps bettors understand how a match is unfolding in much greater detail. 

To see more ways betting operators could look to incorporate expected goals into their sportsbook, view our case study here.

attacking threat of each team in one easy-to-understand visual

What have bet365 done?  

Bettors can easily visualise the attacking threat and likelihood of a goal being scored by each team with Opta’s powerful Momentum Tracker.

What experience does this create? 

Momentum is especially valuable for bettors who join an event in-play and want to quickly catch-up on the match so far. bet365 also display key match events like goals and bookings within this timeline to display key match events at a glance.   

accurate team line-up and formations

What have bet365 done?  

Visualise team’s formations to see where each player will be playing on the pitch. Clicking a player automatically brings up the relevant markets that are available to aid frictionless bet placement.   

What experience does this create?  

Team line-ups and formations are an essential tool for bettors as it helps customers decide their bets pre-game. Knowing where a player is going to play and what positions he or she will occupy has a direct correlation to whether they’ll be in favourable positions to have shots, score or dictate the tempo of the game. For cards, fouls and tackles markets, being able to visualise the opposition player he or she will be up against is crucial information.

Additional use-cases coming soon.. 

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