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Making Sports Betting Even More Entertaining for LATAM Bettors

By: Alex Roberts

LATAM Head of Sales for Stats Perform, Ignacio Iturraspe, describes the process that led to Stats Perform introducing two unique and transformative new features to its flagship live streaming service for sportsbooks, Bet LiveStreams.



Why did live streaming need to change?

We’re exceptionally proud of our legacy in pioneering live streaming in sports betting.

Live streaming remains the ultimate in sports betting entertainment, connecting live odds with unmissable action from the world’s biggest leagues and players. Stats Perform’s streaming service includes huge football leagues such as LaLiga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and over 60 other round-ball competitions. We provide incredible live football video, round-the-clock, which is perfect for Latam bettors.

It’s brilliant having such a strong streaming portfolio. However, we are also laser-focused on making the streaming user experience as valuable as possible for our customers and their bettors. We want to ensure it continues to stand up against competing entertainment formats that are all vying for user attention.

Therefore we invested in the biggest single upgrade to our live streaming service earlier this year. An upgrade recently recongised as the Industry Innovation of the Year at the SBC Awards 2022.

What are the changes?

Instant Highlights allows your customers to replay a goal, or exciting moment like a shot on target, even if they join a stream late.

It means more reasons to open your sportsbook, see what games are streaming, see which games have had goals and then jump in and enjoy it. Football fans love watching goals! So every game becomes more appealing to your bettors.

Did you know?
The most watched highlight on our Instant Highlights service so far is Mbappe’s record-breaking goal after 9 seconds versus Lille.

We currently offer this for thousands of football matches per year and are close to rolling out to our second sport.

Our second upgrade is called Smart Stats Overlays™. This tailors the stream to a bettor’s needs, with contextual graphics, powered by Opta data, seamlessly displayed in the stream as the match unfolds.

The live insights and stats brings bettors closer to the game, for teams they know and teams they don’t. This means they make every live stream more relevant, to more bettors. The insights help them make confident, fast betting decisions, without needing to leave the stream.

Functionality like this has never been offered before in betting streaming. If your sportsbook isn’t taking advantage of our new technologies, please reach out to us.

How are Instant Highlights and Smart Stats Overlays being used by sportsbooks?

Nesine, a market-leading operator in Turkey recently went live with Instant Highlights. They’ve deployed it is an interactive event timeline that bettors can click to re-watch all the vital moments. It’s a really simple but intuitive use of the tool.

Product enhancements like this keep bettors in the sportsbook for longer. And they help bettors make confident betting decisions by understanding how a match is unfolding, by being able to catch up on the critical match events. As they often say, not every shot, shot on target or chance created in football can be considered equal.

It’s also a powerful customer acquisition and marketing tool.


How else can Stats Perform help product managers find the right tools for their sportsbook?


We recently launched a new interactive showcase to help product managers explore and find the right products for their sportsbook, across our bet engagement product suite. Our new Bet Engagement Product Finder allows you quickly see multiple ways our content can help your bettors find, place and track bets, for different sports, to make sports betting more entertaining.

It works by letting you easily examine our bet engagement products using 5 different filters:

  • by Sport
  • by Product type
  • by your Objective (we call this ‘Suits’)
  • by Integration Method
  • by content Format (for example, video or data)

I’d recommend sportsbooks take a look ahead of the World Cup, to quickly get ideas about how we can help.



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This article was originall published in LMG’s Mexico Summit Magazine. To read the interview in Spanish, click here or the image below.


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