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Opta-Powered Products Making Sports Betting More Entertaining for LATAM Bettors

By: Zaid Khan

LMG sat down with Ignacio Iturraspe at a packed Stats Perform booth at ICE London to discuss two exciting Opta data powered products that he believes are set to transform the user experience for sports bettors throughout South America.


1. What difference will the Same Game Multi Assistant make to your sportsbook?

The Same Game Multi Assistant’s power is its unrivalled scale. It’s available for 200+ soccer competitions with over 35 in Latin America, including all the major domestic leagues and cup competitions.

It’s a game-changer for sportsbooks’ pre-match (and in-play) market pages. It makes it effortless for your customers to research bets at a Team and Player level and covers more than 15 unique data points. We believe it will turn your sportsbook into the destination where bettors research their bets, and with our other powerful tools (Content Player Pro – more on this later), they’ll stay throughout the duration of the match. The Same Game Multi Assistant works in-play too, displaying current player totals alongside their season averages to help bettors make context-driven decisions.

2. How does it work?

The Same Game Multi Assistant helps bettors find in-form players and teams for stats categories such as shots, shots on target, inside or outside the box, fouls, tackles, offsides, cards, 1st to score and much more.  –

In seconds, your customers can now:

  1. View the most in-form players and teams over the course of the last 6 or 12 matches or full season
  2. Examine a player/teams stats totals for their previous 5 games
  3. See where on the pitch those events, for example, shots took place

For example – here’s how the Same Game Multi Assistant recently helped me find legs for my weekend bet builder for matches that took place in the English Premier League and Italian Serie A (spoiler: all the legs for my bet won).

In these matches, Harry Kane scored first, Lautaro Martinez scored a goal, while Rodrigo Bentancur and Cristian Romero both received a yellow card.

3. How can I add it to my sportsbook?

The Same Game Multi Assistant is available as an app in our brand-new Content Player Pro, with no additional integration work required. The API behind this new product, the Dynamic Betting Stats API, is available for custom development.


1. What difference does the Content Player Pro make to a sportsbook?

The Content Player Pro is the ultimate betting co-pilot for your event pages, which makes accessing all our built-for-betting products simple. We’ve re-designed this product from the ground-up using an app-based framework, this means it’s super easy to use and all your users will instantly know how to use it.

2. Which pre-match and in-play tools is available for bettors?


From video and written match previews, pre-match betting-focused insights, line-ups and team formation information, to our brand-new Same Game Multi Assistant – the Content Player Pro houses an extensive suite of pre-match tools to give your customers all the information they need to understand the context behind the game and to make confident betting decisions.

As a match goes in-play, a variety of additional apps become available, including live visualisations (with the location of the ball), real-time team and player stats, in-play betting insights. It also includes team and player expected goals information (bet365 recently added this to their in-play event pages) that helps bettors understand the quality of chances being created. All these apps combined help your customers make fast, confident in-play betting decisions.

3. Is Stats Perform’s Bet LiveStreams product available inside the Content Player Pro?

Absolutely – including our award-winning Instant Highlights and Smart Stats Overlays™ features. This means your customers can enjoy the full Bet LiveStreams portfolio of live streams on your sportsbook, which spans 15 sports and 30K events per year including La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, WTA, FIBA Basketball, NZ Cricket, PDC darts and much more.

4. How can I add it to my sportsbook?

If you’re an existing user of our 2.0 platform – activation of the Content Player Pro is as simple as changing a line of code.

If you’d like to get a hands-on experience with either of these products – please get in touch with me. Alternatively, you can explore Stats Perform’s full suite of bet engagement products on our interactive product finder by scanning the QR code.