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Opta Forum Panel: The Convergence of Media and Betting

By: Zaid Khan

Fans, bettors… what’s the difference? Luka Maričić discusses with Nick Cockerill at the Opta Forum

Stats Perform’s VP of Betting Products Nick Cockerill sat down with Luka Maričić from Superbet at the Opta Forum to discuss the different ways fast growing sportsbook Superbet is bridging the gap between users of their media products and sportsbooks.

Superbet are a fast-growing tech and entertainment company based in Romania and focused on building innovative sports betting products for their customers. The Superbet app is available in 10 countries and provides vital sports-focused tools for fans and bettors such as detailed sports data, live streaming and betting odds that generates more than 70M+ transactions a day on their sportsbook product.

Nick kicked off the conversation by asking Luka how different users use the Superbet application and if that has had any bearing on their content strategy.

“The majority of users are bettors, who are further broken down into basic and advanced bettors.

“Basic bettors need basic stats like H2H, top goal-scorers, top assists etc. Advanced bettors like more granular stats. They jump from live stream to live stream, follow live stats, chat on our social channels, and follow deep player stats.”

Having gotten a clearer idea about the different kinds of users consuming content on Superbet, Nick looked to understand which age demographics dominate use on the application and the impact that’s had on user behaviour.

“The younger age bracket is becoming increasingly impatient, and this influences the things they are interested in.

“E-soccer for example is our fourth biggest sport. It’s fast paced, there’s nearly always plenty of goals and it’s on around-the-clock when the major leagues aren’t playing.”

The ever-evolving nature of the sports media and betting landscape means there’s always new concepts and features operators can introduce to improve customer experience. Nick was keen to understand how Superbet introduce new concepts to users, and what considerations they keep in mind while making these decisions.

“At Superbet, we rely on prototyping and testing our concepts by releasing them to a very small user segment to gauge feedback.”

Superbet believe that given the rate at which new metrics are delivered to market is increasing, every platform has a role in growing that understanding. Media and sportsbooks must work as a single ecosystem to educate users about new metrics like expected goals, Momentum, and even more advanced performance metrics like Pressures and Line Breaking Passes provided by Opta Vision.

Luka believes that if sportsbooks are going to offer granular markets like shots, passes, and tackles, they need to be able to display that information on their fan-facing product in a manner which helps users understand a player’s typical performances so they can understand what might be a good bet to make.

This understanding helps keep it fun, entertaining and will drive longer term use by users, suggested Nick Cockerill.

The conversation then moved towards understanding how a more fan-centric experience can co-exist with betting, and how both could be employed to improve the customer experience.

Luka stated that Superbet are determined to increase their user base and this growth is a priority in 2023 and beyond. Here’s what he had to say about creating a holistic customer experience and how Superbet are doing it:

Making Superbet a central hub which addresses every need a bettor has is clearly the long-term target, and getting there is a process of refinement and experimentation which Luka and his team are deeply committed to.

Check out Superbet’s latest implementation of Instant Highlights on their sportsbook here.

Having touched on the levers employed to retain audiences, Nick then asked Luka if this is the main metric Superbet use to measure success and if not, what other metrics they consider.

Luka stated that the biggest tool for measuring success for Superbet are audience retention and how much time audiences spend on their sportsbooks. They test different types of content to see what works best and once nailed down, use that to scale their audience acquisition and retention efforts.

With around 400 delegates in attendance, the 10th edition of the Opta Forum saw several industry experts speaking on a wide variety of topics. We caught up with a few of the attendees and asked them about their main takeaways from the event which you can check out in the video below. 


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